The recommended dose is:

2 capsule once a day, preferably +-30 minutes before eating breakfast with at least a full glass of water or juice.

For faster results, 4 capsules may be taken, as follows (2 in the morning and 2 evening).

A maximum of 6 capsules may be taken as follows (3 in the morning and 3 evening).

In addition, you may take 1 capsule of Vitamin C 1000mg with your morning dose, once a day

Any noticeable result as skin brightening will only begin once the body’s Glutathione levels have reached a sufficient amount. The results will also dependent on your metabolism, weight and body chemistry, therefore people can see results at different times. You will however start to notice an improvement in your hair, skin and nails within weeks of using our products. Your skin will begin to even out and develop a healthy radiant glow. The pores will start to look more refined giving you a smoother appearance. Thereafter the skin begins to gradually brighten when only taking two capsules a day.

Some people increase the dosage to speed up the brightening process. This is an effective way to see faster results. Healthy skin brightening begins from the inside out.

Absolutely not: Results with Optimum Glow products are gradual and natural. The skin may be brightened and skin complexion improved in a subtle yet progressive manner to still maintain a very natural look. Should you wish for an extremely light skin, do contact us and we will advise you further.

Yes, they may work on all skin types with pigmentation.

Yes, you may use the complimentary products in the skin brightening range:

Gluta Bright Soap and Pigmentation face cream. OPTI GLUTA capsules will help you to achieve a more natural, even, and healthy tone all over the body making the use of expensive body creams unnecessary. Furthermore, once the skin brightening process has started you may choose to discontinue with the other creams because you may find them unnecessary because of your success with OPTI GLUTA.

No. OPTI GLUTA is developed and formulated to affect and benefit only the skin tone.

Our products were developed with focus on safety and effectiveness. Our products contain ingredients designed to be beneficial to good health.

Not only is Glutathione believed to be safe for your skin, it is essential for even the most basic immune function. The same is well known about Vitamin C. Alpha Lipoic acid will aid in boosting the levels of Glutathione which is a molecule much needed by the body as the foundation of our immune system.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this product as insufficient research has been conducted in respect to exposure in utero and infants. Consulting a health care practitioner is advised before taking any supplement. You may however use Gluta Bright Soap and Pigmentation cream.


Please note that some people experience a purging/ a small breakout experience or a fine rash in the first few weeks of as your skin acclimatises to the skin product. In the unlikely event of undesirable result please discontinue use.

Yes you may but you may take 1 capsule daily with at least a full glass of water to maintain the effects just like you would with your vitamins.

Glutathione is considered as a supplement, just like your normal vitamins. While your skin won’t reverse to your original skin tone, it may darken only due to sunlight and other harsh conditions. It is very important to use sunscreen at all times to avoid this.

Yes. The sun will have a counteractive effect because it increases melanin production and darkens skin tone which may result in cancer and other undesirable skin condition. For these reasons and to ensure optimum results when using this product try to avoid excessive sun exposure and wear high SPF sunscreen.

Not all. Although the ingredient Glutathione itself is safe, cheap imports may not contain the actual ingredients claimed rendering the capsules unsafe for your health. It is advisable to buy from a reputable company such as OPTIMUM GLOW whose OPTI GLUTA product is developed by South African medical professionals with extensive knowledge about Glutathione’s pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Further, before buying Glutathione preparations in the market, look into its formulation combinations, ingredients and components as supplementing only on pure Glutathione its own may not yield the results that you want for your skin. A correct Glutathione blend of Vitamin C, and Alpha Lipoic Acid is backed up by research clinically proven to be effective particularly in improving skin conditions.

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