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Attain your skin and hair goals though specially formulated health supplements and feel great! Boost your immunity and vitality whilst at it too. A healthy body results in healthy skin, hair, nails and general vitality. Our products help boost l-glutathione, vitamin c, vitamin e, l-cysteine, milk thistle herb, alpha lipoic acid and collagen in the body from the inside for a radiant attractive you on the outside. Clarify Skin, Boost Hair Growth from Within with Optimum Glow. Be Bright!


Need Bright or Light Skin?

Your body, Your choice! We guarantee to provide you products that work. Is your concern pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spot removal? Or are you sourcing skin lightening capsules, skin brightening capsules, skin brightening serum, skin lightening cream, kojic soap, hair loss, hair growth capsules and oil or anything in between? We have the the ultimate products to help you with the above. You may wish to just get a glow, brighten skin to its original shade or to lighten skin and improve a shade or two, our products will help you achieve just that. It is your choice, we simply want to ensure that you get the hair, glow or complexion you need, healthily with no harm to you.


What we know for sure

Our capsules are carefully formulated and prepared in a sterile laboratory for your safety and peace of mind. Our products are subject to high quality control measures. It is the right thing to do.

Optimum Glow has been in the beauty by supplements for years. In adddition to our sales, we supply our best selling products to various individuals and companies for reselling under their own branding at reasonable prices.

Without a doubt, we are the leaders in Glutathione products and we guarantee to provide you products that work!

Happy Customers

``I have an uneven skin tone and a very dry skin. I also have lots of pimple scars on my face. It really worried me so I searched over the internet for safe solutions for my problem. Glutathione seems to help lighten and even the skin. I also wanted to be a yellow bone so I took the bigger dose and wow I am impressed. I would like to sell OPTI GLUTA please.``

Mbali Zungu

``I have been using some other brand pills that I won’t even mention but I didn’t see a difference but when I saw this I decided to try it because it is not a fake import since you say it’s made in South Africa. I ordered 2 bottles. I saw results in 3 weeks thanks to OPTI GLUTA, I’m definitely buying again and I want to increase the dose.” Thanks a lot for this product it is the best!``

Prem Chetty

``At first I was sceptical about pills, but I have done some research on the ingredients that were used to create, OPTI GLUTA. Let me just say that the ingredients are 100% safe and come with benefits. I ordered 3 bottles of OPTI GLUTA and started seeing results 1month, I’m on my2nd month and can’t wait to see the difference. Thank you, thank you thank you for such a wonderful and cheap product!``

Zinhle Msomi

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